About Us

Our Mission
Preach the gospel throughout the world and train individuals how to live in this world and have dominion over it. To operate in their gifts effectively knowing that there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. “I Corinthians 12:4”

Our Vision
Take the Word of God to the nation starting with our local cities. To fully preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to every creature, breaking the power of the devil, and setting the captive free.

Apostle, Dr. Pamela Burke
apostleApostle Burke was born in Columbus, Ga. She is the daughter of the late Deacon James B Surles and the late Mother Mandy Surles.

She is the CEO and founder of Karisma, Inc. which is a nonprofit organization that umbrella many positive community programs. She is also the founder and Prelate of Perfecting Gifts International Fellowship which serves as a spiritual covering for many leaders, ministries, churches and businesses. Apostle Burke is also the visionary of “Iron Sharpen Iron”where leadership comes together equipping one another. She and her husband are the Founders and Senior Leadership of Gifts of God Ministry in Columbus Georgia. Apostle Burke is also the founder of “She Shall Be Praised” where she empowers women to reach their fullest potential in the fear of the Lord. She is the business owner of “Good Steward”where she teaches and conducts empowerment worship and seminars on financial strategies of our everyday money matters.

Apostle Burke is an anointed woman of God who is equipped and operates in the Five-Fold Ministry. She is a prolific speaker and believes in the word of God. She is a faithful and loving leader that has a servant heart and loves to serve. There is a mandate on her life to make a difference and to influence others to know who they are in Christ.

She is married to wonderful awesome supported husband, Pastor Dwayne Burke and has 2 anointed sons and 3 gifted grandchildren.

Karisma Inc. P.O. Box 183, Midland, Ga. 31820
Perfecting Gifts International Fellowship P. O. Box 183, Midland Ga. 31820
Gifts of God Ministry 2727 Waverly Ave., Columbus Ga. 31904

Pastor Dwayne Burke
pastorPastor Burke, born September 19th, is the son of Helen Burke and the late Gordon J. Burke. He has been saved for over 15 years and loves the Lord. Pastor Burke was ordained Pastor in January 2011. He has served his church in many capacities: a Deacon, Finance, and Sunday School Teacher. Pastor Burke is a profound teacher of the Word of God. He’s a man of integrity and very few words.

He is currently employed with the Marshal’s Office. Pastor Burke also loves children and sports.


Pastor Burke and Apostle Burke love the Lord and are workers that need not be ashamed. They love their family and especially the Body of Christ, and are always available to work.