Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions


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How to be Creative

Observe the world around you. How do you see it? The way we see our environment and the world around us, enhances our creativity. 

What kind of creativity does your environment give off to you? If your response was nothing, then you may want to change the surroundings or the environment around you. A creative environment, entices a creative mind. 

Staying cooped in front of the tv,computer,or video game is not only bad for your health, but  for a creative mind. Not doing anything productive to get those creative juices flowing is very bad! One thing known to help a creative mind is exercising. When you get that blood flowing and that heart pumping, creative ideas will flow freely! So get up off the couch and let’s get that mind flowing!!

Creativity thrives on curiosity. Our ability to wonder, to dig into something and search for answers, ignites our creativity and fuels our innovative thoughts. But our thirst for knowledge can dwindle over time. We stop asking and begin accepting. Try sparking your imagination and creativity by asking questions.

In order to get better at something, you must practice. Studies show that the more you practice on a particular craft,the better you will become at it. Creativity is nothing but practice. The more you practice on becoming creative, the more you become better at it! So don’t be afraid that you find it hard to be creative or that your creative craft isn’t coming out right.  Keep on practicing and keep getting better at it. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day!


Inspiration exist, but it has to find you working.. – Pablo Picasso

8 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Creativity

Learn through collaboration
Do something you love
Find inspiration from other industries
Unplug your mind
Set the right atmosphere
Ask for advice or feedback.
Use the six thinking hats technique

The 6 Thinking Hats

  1. White Hat: Focus on the available data that you have; information and past trends.
  2. Red Hat: Look at problems using your intuition, gut reaction, and emotion.
  3. Black Hat: Look at a decisions possible negative outcomes. Look at it cautiously and defensively to see why it might not work.
  4. Yellow Hat: Helps you to think positive.It helps you to see all the benefits of the decision and the value in your creativity. It also helps you to keep going when everything looks all gloomy and difficult.
  5. Green Hat: Represents creativity. The green hat is where you develop creative solutions to a problem.
  6. Blue Hat: This hat represents process control. When facing difficulties because ideas are running dry, you may want to refer to the green hat.

Creativity Painting Exercise

Look at the photo that you see before you. 

What was your first reaction to this painting?

Why do you think you had the reaction?

What are the colors that you see in the picture?

Describe the colors in the artwork. 

How do the colors in the artwork make you feel?

How does your eye move through the artwork? What choices did the artist make to make that happen? 

Close your eyes and describe the artwork from memory. What did you remember and what did you forget?

How would describe this painting to someone else who hasn’t seen it?

Last but not least, what do you think the artist is trying to say in this artwork? What do you think was their meaning or message behind this painting?


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Trying to find inspiration for your creativity in the midst of a pandemic can be very hard and stressful!! The way your mind used to come up with all these creative ideas has now come to stop. The way you could freely step out to your favorite local place to get your mind rolling with creativity now requires you to wear a mask, or in most places, to stay on lock down until further notice. Trying to find a place for creativity in the midst of this could be very very challenging!! But do not fear because I want to encourage you!! Even though we’re in the midst of a pandemic,don’t let this take away your creativity that you once had. Don’t let that fire of creativity die down. In the words of Rihanna, let it “shine bright like a diamond”!!